Install in just one click?


Hi all…

I need some help…

I want to start a bulletin/mg board and used the “install in just one click” button to upload a PHPbb and after it went through the install I’m getting the following response when I try to pull up the Board…

“Please ensure both the install/ and contrib/ directories are deleted”

Not sure where to go from here… I would appreciate any guidance you can offer…

Marty (Newbie)


You need to use ftp or a ssh program to go to where you installed the software and delete those two directories/folders. Then the program will continue to run. It’s a security feature.

Check the one click email you will have received to see if there is any configuration required first.



It’s a security measure. You just need to log into your site with your FTP (or shell) client and delete those two directories. Then, when you go back to your site, the error won’t show up.

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Someday, I hope to type as fast as Norm. :wink:

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Ooops… yup, I see that on the e-mail they sent…

Will give it a try…

Much thanx!!!



Me again :frowning:

I removed the “install” & “contrib” files via my FTP application but nothing is happening. Still getting the same response.

Do I need to wait a certain amount of time before trying to access the forum?

Thanks you in advance for your help on this…/marty


Are you sure your ftp client really did delete the two folders or did it just remove the folder contents?



Not at all, thats a security check phpBB does to ensure that the user did erase those folders. From the moment you get that out of the way, your board is up.

There’s no way phpBB would get you that message if those folders aren’t there anymore.

Maybe you saw an offline version… try refresh or even empty browser cache, close browser then open and check again.

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Yup… the files were still there when I checked… was able to remove them and it’s now working good!!

Appreciate the help folks!!