Install Discourse


I am planning to install Discourse in DreamCompute 1GB Plan.

  1. Does it have all the basic requirements for Discourse to work fine. Discourse depends upon Redis server, Docker etc

  2. I have Wordpress site in shared hosting and that site has to work in conjunction with Wordpress. Can I use shared hosting plan and DreamCompute together?

  3. If I move Sharedhosting data in DreamCompute, how much effort does it demand?

I read on an older post from 2014 that Dreamhost does not have all the requirements, but it’s now three years later, and I have a similar question regarding Discourse.

Did you get the answers to your questions? Please post them. I’m curious, but in no need to submit a ticket. Thanks!

Yes! You can install Discourse on DreamCompute without much trouble. If you know how to use Ansible, there is a role ready to use with Ubuntu 16.04:

If you don’t know how to use Ansible, it’s a good idea to learn it: easy to get started and powerful. In any case, even without Ansible, installing Discourse on DreamCompute is very easy, just like any other installation on Ubuntu 16.04.