Install BitchX?

Can BitchX be installed in a home directory? Is it even allowed to be installed? I would ask support but figure I’d ask here before I bother support with it :slight_smile:

Todd Eddy

That’s an IRC server, is it not? If so, definitely not. Check the Dreamhost TOC, I think there’s something in there about chat servers.

It’s kind of a grey area. Basically, if you’re using it just as a straight IRC client, it should be OK, but you can’t use as a bot.

First off, BitchX is a client, not a server. see for info.

Yeah, it would just be used as an IRC client when I’m at work or something and I’m bored out of mine. Wouldn’t be used that much or as a bot. Don’t remember if it hogged too many resources though, I’ve asked a couple people and they say it doesn’t take up too much. I guess the only real way is to just get on there and see if it uses a lot of memory or whatever.

Todd Eddy