Install APC for WordPress install

Hi there,

I have been wrestling with this most of the day and cannot seem to get things straightened out. I am attempting to install APC on my VPS to no avail.

I can get it loaded it up, but never get past the make test stage - it just will not install smoothly. Has anyone else had success installing?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

teamA - PHP is actually dropping APC for Zend, so you may want to try that instead, since the new version is functionally better than APC in my tests (5-15% speedup)

I am primarily hoping to use APC as an object cache, which Zend optimizer seems to have less support for at this point.

If you are using Zend optimizer as persistent object cache, I’d be interested in hearing more about that.

Right now I cannot get either memcached or APC to install successfully on my server. APC will not make it past the make test phase.

Thanks for taking a look!

I’m using Zend with MemecachD for the persistent.

What errors are you getting on make test?