Install A Template


I would like to install a template , is there any website builder that can help me install it and change it without any programing skills?


WordPress is a good one. While its default configuration is a Blog, you can set the home page to be a standard page, rather than latest posts. It’s available as an Advanced One-Click installation with gobs of standard themes and tons more you can download. Don’t do the Easy One-Click, since it won’t let you add themes or plugins.

You won’t need a lot of programming skills, other than then ability to look through a file and find the image filename you want to change. The more you want to change a template, the more you’ll have to dig into reading their code. If you can find a theme that’s really close to perfect for you, fine tuning it doesn’t require a lot of effort.



The thing is I already bought an HTLM Flash Template and a Joomla Template. If I installed either one how could I add a PHPBB Forum and customize the website?


Templates, such as the Joomla one, are designed for a specific application. A Joomla template won’t work anywhere except on a Joomla site. There may be a Joomla plugin that embeds phpBB within Joomla, but that means you’ll still have to set up a Joomla site.

Regardless, I’m not aware of any site-building software for editing templates. Templates are very specific for an application and creating a WYSIWYG editor for them would be a monumental task. It still boils down to editing them by hand, much like manually editing HTML files.

I don’t know what an HTML flash template is, as flash just gets embedded in whatever site code you’re running.



I got everything to work, got the Forum up. The only thing is I would like to install Mambo, I already downloaded Mambo but I don’t know how to set it up. How do I start?

Also, between Mambo and Joomla which one is the best?


Joomla is a fork off of Mambo. When choosing a CMS, I look through the plugins and such to see if they offer the tools I need.

For installation, there should be an installation guide somewhere in your download. It’ll consist of setting up a database and then putting the files in the right places. If you use Joomla here as an Advanced One-Click, it’ll do the setup for you.

And there’s always the wiki here for more info.