Insecure Content loaded on Control Panel One-Click Install page - You may want to reference 277_icon.png via https to avoid the insecure content issue / warning

Have you seen where that is in the document source? I am not getting any content warnings, so we need to figure out why you are.

Which page in the panel are you on when you see that warning?

Just visit console from page referenced in attachment to see issue details


Okay, so at

Wow, @smaffulli this is serious, it is not only loading an insecure asset, it is being hosted by a separate company!

Loaded from

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“Insecure Content” LOL, give it a Xanax

You mean unsecure or unsecured content.

Thanks for the correction but let’s avoid jokes that can be mis-interpreted, please. As a non-native English speaker I make such mistakes all the time and the last thing I want is to read someone laugh at my error.

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It’s an issue, for sure, but I’m not sure how serious this is compared to, say, not having SSL at all. I filed a ticket internally.