Insanity emergency help needed!

OMG Are you kidding me. My account was being accessed from all around the world. I got a threatening email to close me down, so I followed their instructions to authorize the account when anyone wanted to access our panel. BUT it demanded that I authorize myself every time too. NOW… I’ve had no email for a few months, and can’t access it. So I cannot access the panel. I need to pay for my site. But we can’t email dreamhost. They won’t accept email from anyone else!!! I NEED THIS HANDLED ASAP.


If you have lost access to your account, please contact our support team at:

and we will begin a verification process to ensure that you are the owner of the account. Note that we recommend that you set your DreamHost account’s primary email address to an address not hosted with DreamHost to prevent you from getting “locked out” of your account in the event of an issue like this.

Also, please don’t make multiple posts on the forum about the same issue. It’s rather obnoxious, and doesn’t make anything happen faster.

I had someone handle all of this, so as I said in one post… not web savvy. Frustration however is very high, when if there is an issue with any accounts not with you, I can pick up the phone, and it’s resolved within 15 minutes. But you have a much longer process. Without my web person, I’m left without the website, no email for staff, and no idea when, with the owner having a fit. And then when anyone tried to contact with any email that wasn’t one of yours, we’d receive an email telling us it was a rejected email. The only emails we could use, we no longer could use. Frustrating. The only advice was to log onto a panel we couldn’t log onto, or sent to a support that rejected our emails. Frustrating enough to post 4 posts in various spots, to see if someone else had the same issue, and would read that specific post, and help.
Was not trying to be obnoxious