Insane load averages

I’m a new DH customer, and I’ve just finished the initial setup of most of my sites. When visiting my sites today, I noticed that things were extremely slow.

I checked the system uptime, and got this:

[hill]$ uptime 10:06:02 up 59 days, 16:37, 16 users, load average: 132.31, 130.69, 104.58 [hill]$ uptime 10:10:36 up 59 days, 16:42, 16 users, load average: 139.62, 132.41, 111.77 [hill]$ uptime 10:14:25 up 59 days, 16:46, 14 users, load average: 118.92, 128.82, 115.18 [hill]$Is this normal? Because, that’s absolutely nuts! Will sending a request to support (which has been slow; luckily, all the requests I’ve had so far have been fixable by me) do any good?


This is not normal. I would contact support and let them know, someone might be running something they shouldn’t be.
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That is rather insane to be honest. As far as I’m aware anything below the region of 1 is considered optimal, although it can go a little higher (my server was running around 3 without any noticable slowdown at one point). However, once it goes above 5 you’re getting into dangerous territory assuming that it’s a single processor machine and anything above 8 is pretty much fatal to a site’s usability.

How it’s as high as on your server I don’t know, but there’s definitely something severely wrong there. :~

NFS problems and some other things can sometimes cause the load to jump that high (I’ve seen loads in the 6-900 range and above from that) - however usually the machine actually continues to be responsive. It’s definitely indicative of some sort of problem.

Load is already monitored, so if you’re seeing a sustained load like that, someone’s already looking at it.