Inquiry about converting video

I’m trying to run a phpBB 3 modification (specifically, this one: )

and it requires ffmpeg, flvtool2, and mencoder. I attempted to install those, but it was the first time I used PuTTY and accessed a server via SSH, so I’m not even sure if it installed correctly (though the script does detects them all as being installed). I followed this tutorial:
Is there a script or something I can run to check that these are installed correctly?

But anyways, the point is, others seem to be able to get this script to work, but I’m having problems on my installation. Specifically, videos won’t fully upload/convert to FLV’s. A video will upload to 320KB then give a phpBB error. If I manually upload an FLV via FTP and add a database entry for it, it will work, however.

Anyone have any advice? Do you guys think there may be something wrong with the script/my installation of the script, or do you guys think upgrading to VPS may fix the problem? (Since apparently uploading and converting videos is CPU intensive) Or have any advice at all?

Thanks a lot, really appreciate the help.

Depends on how the MOD is passing the commands to the apps.

If it passes to CLI via system() or exec() then it’ll be using the default DH PHP which doesn’t contain the paths to your custom apps. If that’s the case, you’ll probably need to hardcode those paths into the MOD.

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Hi sXi, thanks for the reply.

The MOD uses a database to store the paths of the applications, all of which can be changed through phpBB’s administration panel. Here are my current paths:

ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
mencoder: /home/gleasonator/bin/mencoder
flvtool2: /bin/flvtool2

All features of the MOD work except uploading videos, as I get an error mid-upload:

template->_tpl_load(): No file specified for handle body

There’s nothing wrong with my template, though, and I’m filling out everything in the form, so this leads me to believe that it’s something else causing the error, and I have a feeling its because one of the requirements isn’t installed correctly. Any ideas?


~320k is an extremely small ammount of data to fail at :open_mouth:

Is the error definitely occurring mid-stream, or at the end of the upload?

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Thanks again for another reply.

It doesn’t seem to be uploading all the way. A database entry is added, so the video shows up on the main page. Also, a thumbnail is generated for the video. But the video itself never uploads to my server. See here, for example:

However… if I convert the movie to an FLV manually using software on my PC, name it appropriately (according to what the generated filename is in the database) and upload it to the correct folder, it WILL work. See here, for an example:

If you’d like you can log in with

User: Test Mankey
Password: testing123

And it will give you the option to upload a video at:

Thanks again for the help,

Thumbnail generation suggests that the upload process is completing successfully and that mencoder is doing it’s job. The problem appears to be either the actual ffmpeg conversion process is failing (check paths, conversion commands, and error logs) or the files, once converted, aren’t being moved to the correct destination folder (check error logs).

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The error logs are empty… I also turned on phpBB errors and have nothing. This appears to be the upload code. Perhaps it can be clear just from a glance if there’s anything wrong?

Let me know if you need anything more. Your help is greatly appreciated.

$config[‘tube_ffmpeg’] = /usr/bin/ffmpeg
$config[‘tube_mencoder’] = /home/gleasonator/bin/mencoder
$config[‘tube_flvtool’] = /bin/flvtool2
$config[‘tube_system_tmp’] = ./tmp

The other $config[‘something’]'s are booleans.

Sorry for the late reply. The only thing that stands out in what you’ve posted above is the tmp path. Have you tried making the path more definitive? (eg. /home/user/tmp)

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