Hi folks!

I’ve been hearing alot about the problems dreamhost is having lately. Its kinda crazy thinking about joining it now but I am a crazy person

I just wanted to know…how many times I should expect my site/s to go down in a month and for how long?

Secondly, can I tranfer files from other websites directly to my account server instead of downloading them first to my desktop and then uploading it? I am planning to open a website containing alot of mp3/mpgs *legal. I’ve them and there are other websites that have 'em as well. But I 've dialup, so I want to transfer those files from their servers to my acount server instead of uploading them from my desktop, which would be very slow. Can it be done?

Lastly are their any limits to size video files and if so what is the limit?

and yeah…are there any bonuses for signing up these days? If so whats the best bonus for 1/yr plan?


It hasn’t been the best month for Dreamhost, but I’ve been here since 2002 and feel that the good far outweighs the bad.

You can log in with SSH and use something like wget to grab files from the other site. I believe there are also a few other ways–and I think there’s even an FTP client or two out there that have the option, but I’m not sure which ones.

I don’t know of any file size limits, unless you use PHP to upload, or if you’re attaching it to mail.

I’d say the main thing you should do is read through the TOS before signing up and be 100% sure that you won’t run into any copyright problems.

Welcome to Dreamhost! (now you have to sign up so I don’t look dumb for saying that. :wink:

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log SSH, then wget 'URL’
if you want to get all file in a dir use wget -r "dir URL"
for a file

for a dir
wget -r

somehow if there is ’ " ! & ( ) character
use quote in url ( " or ’ )
then wget “’s.txt

same method w/ dir :wink:
hope it helps

this forum is weird…in firefox, I would login and when I go to forums, it shows me as guest…couldnt login yesterday

Now I tried it with explorer it worked but it showed 0 posts, although I’ve posted one.

anyways…to the topic.

I know that dreamhost is having problem…I asked how much down time should I expect in a month…and average /day…average and the worst

and how much discount is possible for 1/yr plan?

ssh and wget is available in shared hosting package?

Unless you have a host that purposely goes down on a schedule, that’s impossible to answer. All hosts have problems, though.

No host should go down every single month, so it’s hard to put an average on anything.

I think I’d avoid a host that advertised an amount of downtime to expect. It would sound like they’re not trying hard enough to avoid it.

Anywhere up to $97, if you use a promo code that many of us have in our sigs. DH gives you $97 referral fees, which you can turn around and pass onto new customers. You can do the same when you join–or you can just refer people and keep the fee.

It’s all done through shell access, which is available on all plans.

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took a day to get reply :stuck_out_tongue:

i was asking about how much downtime are people are experiencing now…and in last month…so i would have an idea what to expect…and trust me, it couldnt be worse then i have in mind …seeing the various posts in webhosting forums.

anyways…i 've already signed up with dreamhost

Even that would be hard to say because there are hundreds of servers. One could go down every 5 minutes and most customers would never even know it, since we’re so spread out.

The other thing to remember with forums is that people never forget to whine when things are bad, but when things are fine they just don’t post at all.

DH has thousands of customers, a lot of them probably don’t even know this forum is here, or just have no desire to join. Some only join to complain.

The main thing you learn about DH from the complaints on this forum is that they don’t censor out the bad like most hosts would. To many of us, their honesty alone makes up for the bad times.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.