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Well firstly, I must say as a web host Dreamhost seems brilliant and will be the host I choose.

They offer some great packages and because of an affiliate I will get another free domain name which always makes me a happy buyer.

The only problem I have with dreamhost is its “forum” discussion board. Not only is it a bit difficult to use, it also does not look very nice. But then again, its just the forum =)

Welcome to DreamHost!

Using Search is best for finding info with this board.

Make sure to play with the date range if you don’t get many hits first try :wink:

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Like the panel, this forum takes some getting used to. At this point, they feel completely normal to me. I think I could still find my way around cPanel again if I had to, though.


Today I used RSS
(via gnus’ nnrss). The forum is now a breeze and I will read it every day.

If you manage to keep up with the forums on a regular basis, it does make sense. If you’re looking for stuff that was already posted once upon a time long, long ago - well, that’s not so easy.

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I think they should still change the forum…

Something nicer would be good :wink:

Well, there could be something said about eating one’s own dogfood, so they could go with phpbb.

At any rate, I suspect that the big problems are:

  1. It’s actually acceptable, so why pay the bucks to change it.
  2. At this point, it’s feature-poor enough to be relatively exploit-free.
  3. They probably wouldn’t be able to migrate content.
  4. All the old-time posters might be reset to zero.

On the plus side, they’d be able to implement better search - or maybe just embed google search. And maybe implement a karma system.

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Its all about usablity.
I must say it isnt very practical or easy to use.

If they were to get a free phpbb board or something, which is free, its more accessable, practical and easier to use and did I forgot to mention it being FREE!

I’ve found WWWThreads very practical and extremely simple to use.

If you’re having problems, look here:

phpBB3 (which I prefer myself) is far from being more accessible.

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Well I prefer phpBB or other forums to be honest.

I would put a poll up but it doesnt work for me