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I’m just getting my first website done on Dreamhost.

How do I make a page my “first” or “front” page, the one that opens when the website is logged onto.

Many thanks


The simplest way is to name your ‘homepage’ index.html (or index.php if you’re using php).

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Just name your page (the file, that is) any of the following:

"index.html index.shtml index.htm Index.html Index.htm Index.shtml default.htm Default.htm default.html Default.html default.shtml Default.shtml page1.html index.cgi index.php index.php3 index.phtml home.htm home.html home.shtml index.wml

As long as you name your “index” file any one of those things, it will work! "




he he he … “What you said!” :slight_smile:



Yes, but in fewer words. Sometimes I wonder if rlparker gets paid by the word. :stuck_out_tongue:



Heh … I just try to be "thorough " :slight_smile:



I didn’t realize it supported the “default” filename by default. I thought it was index only unless you alter the htaccess file.

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Thanks for that! It’s good to know that my “extra” verbiage is sometimes at least a little useful. :wink:



Many thanks.


I’ve set up a new domain, and have uploaded a PHP project to it. It has a page called Index.php, but when I go to the website, its displaying a Directory listing instead.

In Dreamhost > Manage Domains, I’ve selected PHP 5.2.x

Is there something else that I need to do, for this Index.php page to display?


That sounds like you have uploaded it to the wrong directory. Make sure you upload your file into one of your “yourdomain.tld” directories, not the directory you find yourself in when first connecting via FTP (which is your user directory).

Your “domain” directories (which is where your web pages are stored) is inside this user directory, so:

  1. Log into your webserver using SFTP/FTP
  2. Navigate into your “yourdomain.tld” directory
    3)then upload your files



I had posted about maybe the upper case “I” being the problem, but see it’s in the “approved list.” It’s best to use all lower case though, even if that isn’t the problem here.



I have a directory named the same as my domain - which I presume is the ‘root’ directory for the domain - and the files are in that.

So if I go to the domain in a browser, I see a Directory listing, which includes the Index.php file. I can click on Index.php and display it…


Actually, I think your first post was accurate, and that it might be the problem. I can’t find Index.php in the “approved” list in the wiki ( , and a test I just did on one of my domain showed a directory listing that included the “Index.php”, rather than displaying it.

Did you find it on a different list somewhere?

I agree completely!



You read the list more closely than I. For non-HTML files, they’re all lower case.



Thanks guys, you’re right, the problem was that Index.php has to be in lower case.

Just to be sure… should all my php pages be in lower case, or does this just apply to the index.php?


That is up to you - either way will work as long as your links to those pages are correct “case-wise”.

That said, I agree with Scott that I think you are better off leaving all your filenames lower case. :wink: