Info not recieved

Hey there, not a terribly urgent post.

I signed up earlier for a level 1 plan with an email address hosted on a friend of mines Dreamhost account, which normally redirects to my Gmail account. However, due to the current email issues it hasn’t done that. I’m also unable to log-in through the webmail interface; I get an ‘Unknown User/Password’ error. Just wondering if the email will be there once the email issues are sorted out, or if maybe I am able to change the email address the details are sent to?

Michael O’Brien

That’s a rough one, Michael! I don’t know that any of us here can do much other than guess whether the temporarily borked email is gonna eventually show up or if it got lost in the troubles.

If you can submit a support ticket, I’d go that route given the totality of the circumstances with email at present. :wink:


Thanks for that. I’ve submitted a ticket, so hopefully they can sort this mess out!

Edit: Well, I am able to log-in now for whatever reason, and it seems the email with my details is not in the inbox. Either the email has not been sent, or it has but isn’t showing up. Have sent another ticket.