Infantile level noob Concrete5 question

Brand spanking new to hosting&websites, so much so that even most forum threads are Hieroglyphics to me. I’ve been reading the Wiki and trying to learn as much as I can though but there seems to be no hand-holding when it comes to the One Click Install Concrete5 program.

If I’m understanding it right, it’s an interface that you install on your server and open in a browser and lets you design your site and the routes all the directories for you. Is this right?

I’ve installed it, but don’t know how to “open” it.

I’ve been to in my browser and it is an “Install Concrete5” page, which I thought I had already installed…

I want to get to the part where I can design my page!

Sorry for the incredibly n00b question.


I’ve not set up concrete5 before, but since no one has answered your question, i’ll take a moment to point out that most of the one-clicks have a “phase 2” of installation. Once the installer is finished on fist visit you create an admin login and begin setting up the app. [hr]
Yup, I just installed it on a test domain.

The email you received contained some information that you need to supply on the configure screen during your first visit to the site.

Thanks for responding. I worked on it a little bit, and eventually got it.
Thanks again!