Individual users having their own web sites

Is it possible that if I create a new username that the new user can have a web site they can use. And their URL would be something like I know that’s possible in Apache that it looks for a cetain directory in a users home directory. But not sure how it would be possible when your in a multi-domain environment like this.

Todd Eddy

Sure, but with our system, you’d need to set it up like:

The second case is generally much easier to setup with our system - just add the subdomain to your account, and put it in that user’s home directory.

ok, I figured out how to do the subdomain and just point it to that user’s home directory. But how would set up the

Todd Eddy

The simplest way would probably be to make that user’s home directory /home/yourusername/

exactly how do you change/specify a user’s directory… other than the default…
I need the user to have ftp access, but not to my stuff… plus, I need to be able to access the user’s ftp…
I would think that making the user’s home a file (within) mine would do it, I just can’t figure out how!


I thought you could change it from the panel, but I can’t see how to do it. You may have to ask support to do it for you.

Hi Manky -

You should be able to change the directory from the web panel, from the ‘Domain’ section, ‘Web’ sub-section:

…just click on the ‘Edit’ link next to your domain, and change it from there. That should work. :>

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That will change the directory of the domain service. I don’t think they can change a user’s home directory from there.