Perhaps I should post this in the beginners section? I have successfully installed indexhibit and done a bit of customization “under the hood” of my site (hosted by dreamhost, I guess obviously) but when I click view your site or try to access the site it still has the basic dreamhost web banner “coming soon”. I’m sure there’s something absurdly simple that I’m looking over, but any insight is appreciated.


Well, first: Did you put your files in the correct directory, the one named after your domain?


yes, I did. I went through the process of installing as described in indexhibit. So now I can go to my domain and into /ndxz-studio/ to add different sections/build my indexhibit site but when I click on the “view your site” button to get an idea for what it looks like It goes to the standard coming soon.


hey its up and running now, perhaps it just needed some time to transfer the information over, thanks