Indexhibit install trouble

Hi, I’m new to this, so it may be a very simple mistake that I’m making. I’m trying to install a website template called indexhibit ( and I can’t seem to make it work. They say the files need to be uploaded in the root folder on the FTP. Which folder is this? Has anyone else installed this website before and can give me some pointers?
Edit: Basically, everytime I try to run the install of the software package it says it isn’t on the server. But I can see the folders there plain as day. Why is it not recognizing the files?

Your root folder (for viewing of your web pages) would be the folder (whatever your domain name happens to be). Also, I’m assuming you have already set up your mysql database as it is required. After your database is created and you upload your files be sure to set the correct permissions required as in the install instructions.

I’m sure you could find someone to help you install it if you need it (for a price) :wink:

Have fun.
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Ah, I uploaded the files to the first database that dreamhost provided, not the mySQL one. Would this explain the problem?

Idon’t know what you mean by first database but in your control panel go to goodies==>mysql databases and create a new mysql database. Pick a name for your database. It can be whatever you want really but i tend to name databases depending on which website will be using it just for simplicity and remembering what it is for. Pick a hostname (based on one of the domain names you have such as…you can make the sub domain anything really). Pick a password for your database that you will remember but i recommend not using one of your own personal passwords should you need to get someone to help you later on (as you would need to share the database password with them so they can troubleshoot). I also highly recommend leaving something in the comment field (like live database) something to describe what you are doing so you don’t get confused later if you have multiple sites and databases.

Anyway once you have your mysql database all set up go back to your indexhibit installer and fill out the appropriate fields for hostname, database, user and password and that should be it.
PM for custom CMS(drupal,joomla,etc)/Blog(WP,MT,etc
)/forum(phpbb,smf,etc) install/transfer $75.
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Hi I know this is a very old thread, but I am stuck at the same point as millerthyme was above. I have set up a MySQL database, but the Indexhibit install page asks for database server address. Is this the same as hostname? The others I can answer.

Database Server Address
Database Name
Database Username
Database Password
Database append [I’m using the default one given by Indexhibit]

Any ideas anyone? I emailed support but I fear I may have missed them before the weekend and I was hoping to make a start on the weekend.

Any guidance greatly appreciated.

on the mysql page in the panel…

add a “hostname”… use that as the “Database Server Address”