Ok so I read the other post about public index, I’m having the same problem, except my domain has been registered and stuff. Will someone talk me through it step by step.

Which “other post about public index,”, and exactly what is the “same problem” you are having (Hey, it’s a big Forum and there are lots of posts :open_mouth: .

Have you checked these DH Wiki Articles to see if they are any help?

If the answer you need is not in one of those articles, post back here with a more complete description of your problem and what help you need, and you are likely to get more help. :wink:


its the post called Public Index? on the beginner’s forum. The domain and everything is registerd and activated. But when I upload files the website still shows the index. I might be stupid, but when you upload files anyway how does it know which ones the mainpage?

“when you upload files anyway how does it know which ones the mainpage?”

Your main page should be called index, usually index.htm, or index.html, or index.php, but your main page needs to be named this (there are some other names you CAN use that will work, but for simplicities sake I’m sticking with index for this).

When the browser goes to the domain it’s going to be looking for the file called index, and if it doesn’t find it then it’s not going to know what else to do, more or less, and will just error out (or go to the DH Index Of page, depending on your configurations)

In essence, take the page you want to be the main one and rename it to index, then upload it to your server (or rename it while it’s on your server).

dwr has given you great information, and all that is correct. The only thing that I would add is this:

It’s a little unclear from your post what you are seeing when you say “the website still shows the index”.

  1. If the “index” you are seeing contains a list of numerous files, then the problem of an index showing instead of a “site” can be attributed to the fact that you do not have a file named one of the file names the DH Apache server instance recognizes as a, as you say, “mainpage”. This can be corrected as dwr described.

  2. If, however, the “index” that is showing is “empty”, then you have uploaded your files to the wrong directory.

Hopefully that will be of some help; if not, post back with some additional detail (maybe even a url to your site), and we will try to help further. :slight_smile:


thanks bunches!!!