I’ve just joined and need some assistance.

My web site has index.shtml and when I call the site up it has Error 404 Page Not Found. I renamed the page to index.html and it works minus my counter. Is there something that needs to be activated to get SSI to work?

EDIT: Strike that I had my old .htaccess still lurking around, it comes up now with index.shtml but displays “an error occurred while processing this directive” where the counter should be. I have created a cgi-bin folder in the domain name folder. I have /home/insert-username/domain-name/cgi-bin is this correct path?

A cgi-bin file will execute anywhere, including the cgi-bin directory. Here’s some info from the wiki:,PHP&_Databases#Do_I_have_to_put_my_cgi_scripts_in_a_special_cgi-bin_directory.3F_Where_is_it.3F


Thanks for that! I appear to have everything set-up correctly but of course something must be incorrect as counter does not outpur on page it displays “an error occurred while processing this directive”. Any ideas?

My first guess is that the counter CGI file is messed up, or maybe even your index.shtml

What’s the link?


I forgot to ask. Did you read the later sections in that Wiki article I mentioned? It explains some troubleshooting techniques.


Ihave permission set to 644 for I’ll try changing to 755

Not that this has anything to do with the CGI problem, but some of your closing tags at the end of the page are misplaced or not needed.

There’s a /p outside an /html, plus there’s another /html later, so you can get rid of that first one and be fine.
Your font tags near the end are misformed. After the font color, you have a /font within the existing brackets, plus another /font after the counter.

Hopefully fixing the permissions will help. Otherwise, you’ll have to log into your account and manually run that counter CGI to test it out.


I’ll check the HTML formatting out Scott, I just moved from Powweb and they messed up a lot of my files during their migration so I might need to pull out my back up.

The permissions did fix it! thanks for the Knowledge Base link I am struggling a little here with the new set-up but so far it seems quite smooth. Well onto my FormMail script now :-)))