Index shows up as my home page

I hit a minor snag you may be able to help out with. I’ve got my files over to the FTP and for some reason when I open up my site i’m getting an index of the html and image files. I can click on the html files and then navigate through the pages but can’t make my home page start as the home page, goes to the Index. Brought it back to the Dreamhost default for now. Any suggestions? Do I need to specify my Home Page Dreamweaver file differently?

If you share the link to your site we could look at it and more properly advise you. Likely you just need to rename the file you want to use as a home page, or just change the default “home page” display via a directive in an .htaccess file.

See this page for more details on both of those approaches:

Hi, i have 3+ sites hosted on the same plan and have joomla working in all of them. My problem is that when I type my url the parent directory shows up. In order for me to access my sites’ homepage i have to type
How do I fix this?

Check your .htaccess file and make sure directory indexing has been set up correctly for index.php
The link provided by rlparker already gives detailed instructions about directory indexing set up.

You should look for similar line in your .htaccess file.
DirectoryIndex index.php