Index.php changed


Looks like another type of hacking took place… someone edited or replaced my index file at the root level of each of my Dreamhost domains. It’s now a page full of ads. I’ve contacted support. Has anyone else had this problem?


If it’s a compromised password, which was the latest issue, change your passwords and restore from backups. And then see what support has to say.



I already changed my password. I’m hoping Dreamhost can restore my index files from their backups.



You probably can restore the files yourself from your .snapshot directories. :wink:



.snapshot is helpful, but I never rely on this, or any of DreamHost’s backups. I do my own backups weekly. Should something go wrong, I go to my own backups, unless there’s something that changed since my last backup, in which case I cross my fingers and hope that .snapshot will help me. But .snapshot doesn’t hold database backups.



I agree; I keep my own backups myself rather than relying on DH snapshots. You also make a good point about the database backups - I suspect many who rely on snapshots forget about that! :wink: