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I know that I’m asking a question that someone has already asked, but I feel that I have done everything correctly and it still isn’t working. I have a little bit of previous web experience - I have already helped to build a couple of websites, now I am doing my own. I have made a temporary page for my website until I build the complete site. I have built it in Frontpage and saved it as index.html . I also uploaded completely, or so says Frontpage. But when I go to my site, I still get that &*%$@!#! file directory. Do I have to wait for some server cache to clear or something? I’ve refreshed, restarted my computer and everything.

I guess you might want to provide just a little bit more info (e.g. website URL) for fellow webmasters to help :slight_smile:

my bad,

THANKS!!! : )

??? Does someone need to turn the Frontpage extensions on or something? Should I be uploading to http: instead of ftp:? Should I be directing it to “… .com/index” instead?

There problem, Drew, is that your “htdocs” directory is empty.

Your “tilde” directory is
and I suspect that’s where you have uploaded your index.html file to.

There’s a lot of stuff in that directory that you do not want to make available to the general public; it’s a security problem. Instead, there is a subdirectory that holds your web files.

Traditionally, your home page is
but a lot of accounts here at Dreamhost have multiple sites, so it’s more likely to be something like

You can change the directory that your stuff goes in, if you have reason to, so it’s hard to give absolute answers without looking over your shoulder as you look at the control panel…

Basicly if you’re planning to use FrontPage for the entire site ask support to put the domain on a FrontPage server so you can use extentions and stuff. Then use FrontPage’s upload pointing at

If you’re only using FrontPage to put together a temp site and don’t want to be setup for FrontPage–upload to
where domainfolder is the folder specified on the page you get by clicking on Domains then Manage then click the edit link for the domain in question (look in the text box marked Web Directory.)

Know this thread is a little old but ::shrug:: someone else might need the info.

something like ftp://home/user/ ???