Index page redirect

Hi, I’m administering a website that is hosted on DreamHost. There is currently a landing page at We installed and are planning to use Joomla as our CMS; I installed Joomla at (which currently contains no info as the site is in the planning and implementation stages). I was wondering how I would redirect the main index page to point to once the site is up on Joomla? Or do I need to reinstall Joomla to (ie, the main folder as opposed to the subfolder joomla)? Thanks for the help.

God bless

It’s easier to set your account to use /joomla as your web directory. Edit this in Domains -> Manage Domains and click Edit for your domain. Just make sure that Joomla now thinks it’s at / in your URL instead of /joomla. There’s probably some setting in Joomla’s admin section for this.


If you do actually do not necessarily want joomla in the root of the domain (to possibly put something else there someday) you could add an entry in the .htaccess file such as:

Redirect permanent /index.html http://newURL/

which would just redirect the main page to the sub-directory.