Index page not loading


I had installed joomla through the one click service once I hosted my domain.
After I installed it straight away, when I visited my url, “” ,it displays the error as given below.
Then I try to create a folder named “under” and create an “under construction” html pages and uploaded in “under” folder.
Then I gave the URL as “” and I can able to see the web page that I created.
The I had a bit research and gave the url as “” and I could see the sample page installed by joomla.
Then I want to show my index page by simply give as “” instead of ""
So I did more research and ended up in editing the “.htaccess” file.
But when I connected the host with ftp, I can only find the “htaccess.txt” and no “.htaccess” file.
So I edited the file and renamed as “.htaccess” file
Then I loaded my web page “” and I am got the same given error page.
I commented all the lines and change all the modifications that made and try to rename the “.htaccess” back to “htaccess.txt”.
But nothing worked and still shows the same error.
So finally I uninstalled Joomla and installed it again.
But still I cant able to goto my index page.
But I can login into “” and can able to see the joomla administrator control panel and even I can able to login into the mysql page as well.
So everything else is working fine except the index page.
One thing I noticed is, even if I still gave, “alin/index.php” it shows only “” in the address bar
For my last hope, refreshed the DNS.
But still its not working.
So something somewhere went wrong and I want the site to return to the default stage as I started.

Kindly looking forward your advice.


Error Message

Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

This might help: