Index on site not working

Anyone give any advice on what is wrong with my site? I was stupid and started moving files from one of the folders to the root (public_html) and copied everything in the folder there… I think I may have copied over the index.html file??? and now when you try to visit my site it doesnt work.

Maybe someone can take a quick look and tell me what I need to modify and change on the server side… I’m sure that is where the problem is… (not working) (working)

Thanks in advance… please school me in the ways!

I think the problem is you have an index.html that is empty, all you should need is index.php. try removing index.html from your root directory and it should start automatically with index.php

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Did as you said… take a look… plain white page

it may be my cache that is doing this to me… but I still see a plain white page with NOTHING… if someone can verify either they see the site or they see nothing … that would be great…thanks!

I see the front page fine. Must be a caching issue…

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Thanks. Yea it is, I’ve actually had a problem like this a few times. I suppose its time to put the Crappy Dell aside and get a new computer. Just glad its fixed… this gets a little easier the more and more you get involved in trying to fix your own problems :slight_smile:

Whoa! Slow down there a bit. Your Dell may, in fact, be “crappy” but getting a new computer will do nothing to eliminate the occasional web page caching issues you will encounter. :open_mouth:

Cached pages can be the result of your computer’s software, your browser, your ISP, etc. - and can be be resolved by clearing your cache and reloading the page - no computer hardware issues are involved at all.

There is nothing wrong with getting a new computer, but don’t do it because of this! :wink:


Fair enough… it seems that my caching though ‘sticks’ for hours at a time when using IE6… now there may be a fix in IE7, but I try to use Firefox/Mozilla typically and that’s the browser I prefer.

Better question now, how do you actually CLEAR the caching on a browser… I mean I know how to delete all the Temp files/Cookies/History… but is there something more…?

That’s pretty much it on IE6 (see this info from Micrsft).

The process varies a bit on FireFox depending upon which version you are using, but it is essentially the same idea. On version 2, click “Tools” -> “Clear Private Data”, and mark the checkboxes as desired.

That said, I have found that, on occasion, FF has needed to be closed and re-opened after doing this in order to completely clear the cache. In some instances, merely reloading the page via a ctrl-F5 keystroke, in IE and FF, or ctrl-shift-R , in FF, will be sufficient as it instructs the browser to reload the page and override the cache.

Actually, all you could ever want to know about clearing your cache is available here!


touche…thanx for the help man!

Shift refresh is your friend when you can’t believe your eyes.

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