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I originally signed on with Dreamhost and took as the free web domain. I then typed out a few things to get started on using Nvu, added a couple of gifs and voila… I get "Index of / " at Listed on this index page are the gif files and the file myname.html.
Where did I go wrong? File management? Naming files? Naming directories? Publishing settings on Nvu?
I also transferred 3 other domains I own but have not yet developed to Dreamhost. I want to keep them all seperate but don’t understand the big picture. Is this done at the directory level? Sub-directory? Please help. Figuring this out is sucking up huge blocks of time I don’t have not to mention destroying my self-image as a reasonably intelligent person.

Rename myname.html to index.html.

Your websites will each be under different directories with your user (assuming you’ve assigned them all to one user, which should be fine).
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

You must always include an ‘index.html’ (or index.htm, index.php) file in every web directory, or you’ll get a directory listing. If you want to disable that feature, you can easily create an .htaccess file to do it for you :wink:

To do that, you can check out a couple documents in the wiki:

Thanks. Renaming file to “index.html” worked for Now, what about I must be missing something in the file management realm.
In each directory(which should equal each domain name) there needs to be a file named “index.html”. ?

If you visit through a browser basically it will take you to “” (or index.htm,index.php…). The same way if you browse “” then it will show you “”. That means if you wanna browse any directory(of any website) through a browser the directory must have a index.html or similar file to show your desired page. Again if the directory don’t have any index.html file and have other documents(.mp3,.doc…) you’ll get a list of all documents and also subdirectories of that directory. This option can be disabled too.

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