Index is but a blank page



I’m not sure where I went wrong.

I had a vB forum hosted elsewhere previously… I backed up the db, moved to DH, uploaded the files, created the mysql db and the user, edited the config so it knows where to find the new db, and then uploaded the db data.

All is fine and well, I can access the vB admin panel.

However this is what I don’t get: I am supposed to be able to access the forums by going to the root of my domain, ie. But no… I get a blank white page. I have to manually type into the browser to get the index to load.

What could be causing this?

I recently installed wordpress using the one click install, and it said it was going to have all php run as cgi, or something. Could that be it?


do you have an index.html or index.htm page in the root?


Yes, yes I did. That was precisely the problem…can’t believe I missed it. v.v

Thanks Sno!


no htaccess file, index file is fine when I check it through ftp, no index file in root.

This is happening for all of the domains I have set up for my account all of a sudden. Has been working fine all month.

edit: they have returned…there’s a happenins afoot…


A glitch in the matrix perhaps? :slight_smile:


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