correct me if I’m wrong, DH wants me to have my index.html in the main subdirectory of my website or else it wont work properly?

You’ll need index.html, index.php, index.htm, or something similar in the main domain directory for the server to show a page other than their parked page.

ok… for some reason, maybe its the way the template I have is coded, I cant do it that way. my index needs to be in a folder with other junk in it in order for it to work properly. So should I have all of the other junk in the main directory too?

If all of your content is in a sub-directory, say something like and you have nothing at your root folder you can create a .htaccess re-direct to send users to your actual home. Put that file in your main web-root (domain) folder

Something like this would work:

Redirect 301 /

You could also move your current CMS/template stuff to your root directory. Just make sure you also update it’s location in the config file/set-up fields so everything can find the files it needs to keep working.

the link didnt work

If your entire site is in that sub folder, then move it all up to the main directory. Double-check that there are no internal links that reference that folder name.

iWeb has a similar setup to yours (all content in a folder), so it uses a Refresh in the index.html file to bump the user into the sub folder. (as you’ll see, they don’t recommend this approach)

I would recommend that you take a closer look at artgeek’s suggestion, which requires that you create a file called “.htaccess” in your domain directory with the one line he shows (Redirect…) and customize the part in blue to match your site and folder.

I am totally confused. My site isn’t looking the way its supposed to.

Instead of directing me to a bunch of other sites would it be possible for someone to actually help me with this step by step? Is that too much to ask for?

You may want to learn a little bit about web design and web servers. For one thing, the server looks for a certain file to display automatically. This is index.html, index.htm, index.php you get the point right? so if you don’t have one of those files in the main directory of suffice to say your website will not show up. You would have understood the links sdayman gave you if you actually read the information.

People here like to be helpful but what they don’t want to do is work for free. You got links to very informative resources. I suggest you either take it from there or pay someone for their time if you want step by step help.

ok, you got me, I feel like I may have come off as a punk. Im just frustrated is all…

Im trying to figure out how to get dreamhost to recognize my index.html, because the way my template was setup its not in the main directory.

Im trying to figure out the .htaccess thing.

Should I be using a 301 redirect?
What is a canonical link?

I apologize greatly for my ignorance.

the server does recognize your index.html file it is just that if it is in a sub directory (i.e. instead of it will only show up in that sub-directory. is there some reason you won’t put the files into the main directory instead? sure you can use .htaccess to redirect but I don’t see why you would need to unless you plan to eventually do something else with the main directory. just move everything. it should be fine.

a canonical link is the preferred link used by search engines when sorting through duplicate content. irrelevant to your current situation really.