Index.html vs index.php file help

Can someone tell me how to get my index.html file working again? I’ve had a pMachine blog for 5 years now, so switched to index.php. However, in the process of upgrading to Expression Engine, something has gone wrong, that I can’t seem to fix, so I need to get rid of the old index.php file, and switch to an index.html file that I can manually alter, until I get the EE problem sorted. Thanks.

My site is at

Just create an index.html file and put it in the same directory as the index.php…it will take precedence over the index.php at load time. :wink:

BTW, I visited your site, and there is currently no index.html available there… if you had one before the upgrade, you might find it in your .snapshot directories.


Duh right? Cheers, thanks a lot. I’ll try that.