Index.html not recognised

I bought a domain and hosting package from Dreamhost last week.

i tried to upload a trial web site with rapidweaver. the files seem to be uploaded ok but when I click on my web address

I just get a message saying Index of

i presume I am doing something very sily. can anybody tell me what?

many thanks for patience with a newbie

In the DreamHost Web Panel, go to Manage Domains and for your domain, under “Web Hosting” column click on “Edit”

Now look for the setting that appears as below:
Specify your web directory: /home/username/[your domain here]/

This means DreamHost expects you to upload the file to /home/username/yourdomain/index.html and apparently RapidWeaver isn’t doing that.

I don’t have RapidWeaver, but looked through the manual for version 4 - eh, they don’t go into details.

The manual shows a box with “FTP” highlighted and one of the settings it ask for is “Path”

Have you tried making sure path reads /yourdomain ? I don’t think it needs a trailing slash, but it might… Oh yeah in the event you are using SFTP you might need to change “Path” reads /home/username/yourdomain instead - there is a difference between FTP and SFTP.

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