Index.html Located in (, but Nothing

I uploaded all my files into the ( folder including the primary index.html, but I am getting nothing on the web. Is there some way to point to the html?

I am a computer / network specialist, but when it comes to web designing, I am a completely clueless beginner.

Thanks for any and all help.

Are you receiving a directory listing, a blank page, or an error?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

It depends on when you changed the DNS addresses too… it may not have had time to propagate and may take 48 hours if this is a new account or transfer…

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In addition to the above,

Did you create a Fully Hosted Domain from the panel?

What kind of “nothing” are you getting? An empty directory listing? A Server not responding?

If you post the URL, we can check it out and offer better suggestions.