Index.html file


Where exactly in my domain files do I put the index file? Ive got the following files there:

scarlettjfan (the name of my site)


Your index file, indeed all your web-visible files, should go in the folder that corresponds to your domain name.

Simon Jessey
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So the third one on my list? Its just when I try and place the index file there it wont let me. I cant find anyway of moving it over (sorry im really new to this).


Yes, you should be able to place the files inside of that 3rd folder. What happend when you try to places files there - why doesn’t it work?



Are you sure you are logged in with the correct user for that domain.
For example with my main account I can ‘see’ my other domains and update files in any domain. But with domains I have added and given their own users to, although when I sftp in using the other user/pswd details I can still ‘see’ my main domain and read files but I cannot update obviously because I now have the wrong file permissions.

So double check you are using the correct user/pwd details for that domain.

What software and method are you using to try to put your index.html file where you want it?

It may be that your upload software is just asking if you wish to overwrite an existing file yes/no and you may have the software default set to ‘skip’ rather than ‘ask’ . So check also your ‘file transfer settings’ of your upload software.

That’s why it would be useful to know exactly your procedure for trying to upload the file.



I know I am definately logged in with the right username and password.

What it is basically:

Ive created a basic html document for my front page and Ive saved it as index.html, saved it and then tried to move it into the right directory in my network, which I cant it wont let me save the file there directly or move it in.


What software are you using to create the index.html page?



Dreamweaver MX 2004, and im creating a html page in it. Im sure theres something somwhere Im doing wrong thats very stupid.


I don’t use the package but I wonder if there are publishing settings and you have the wrong settings. If there is an option to set the directory to publish to is it set to ‘’ or perhaps ‘/’ ( is your domain of course.)?

I would agree with your last sentence but you may be bigger than me!

Just as an afterthought for the publish setting rather than just the directory you might have to include the domain as well. so you would end up with as the full path. Notice the end has the backslash added. The port of course would be 21 or 22 for sftp.

If the domain is very new you may want to try using the server name as in



A quick question, are you uploading the file(s) then trying to move them or are you trying to upload to your domain folder.
Reason I ask is a lot of ftp programs do not allow moving and/or copying files across folder. In that case, they must be downloaded to your computer if they aren’t already then uploaded to the new folder.
Using telnet and a few other ways, I am sure other members will be glad to help you with, can move/copy files across folders.