Index.htm not showing

When I go to my main site,, it says the page cannot be found, but if I go to it comes up…

Also, if I go to (note the uppercase I) it comes up with the page cannot be displayed.

This used to work just fine, I could just go to the .com site and it’d come up with the index.* that I had there, but I just deleted the entire site yesterday to redo it and now I’m having this problem.

Any suggestions?

No, I don’t have FP Ext. enabled…I actually tried with Index.htm as well. If you go to the page right now, you’ll get the error, but if you go to it’ll come right up.


well I just created a index.php and put it on the site and now works. So I wonder why it’s only seeing the .php file automatically???

I’ve looked for a .htaccess file, but don’t see it, even viewed hidden files, nothing. I actually did to a search before I posted here. :slight_smile:

I did have the Run PHP as CGI option checked, so I disabled that, let it take effect and removed the .php file so that only the index.htm file was present, still would not read it and now get a Forbidden error.

Oh well, as long as the .php file works I’m fine with that, heh. I’m tired of messing with this for now.

Thanks for the help!

Filenames and URLs are case sensitive, so Index.htm is a different name than index.htm.

Normally on the DH servers, both index.html and index.htm will work as a default index, but it’s possible to override this with configurations, as with .htaccess files. It sounds like in your case it’s overridden somehow; if there isn’t an .htaccess file in that directory, maybe there’s one in a parent directory of it?

– Dan