Index Document?

Hello I want to have
index document like index.html on some directory
also error document (404 page) as well.
Is this possible on DreamObjects?

Right now this is something we don’t support. We are looking at including it once it’s supported by Ceph.

To a limited degree. With the right client, you can create objects with names ending in a slash to act sort of like an index for a non-root directory (e.g, an object named “directory/”). You cannot currently create an object to be served at the root of your bucket, though, nor can you specify an object to be served for 404 responses.

In this thread
justinlund told:
“We’re finishing up CNAME support and static hosting”

Does “static hosting” mean what I asked in this thread?
If so any update on this?

Yes it does! It’s something we’re still working on but I have no news to announce yet.