Index.cgi issue

Is anyone having an issue with logging in? When i log in at I get sent to with a blank screen. If I then remove the index.cgi it goes to my panel. DH says they are unable to reproduce the issue. I’m sick of it!

What OS and browser combination are you using?
Your forum search should point you to closing your browser deleting any cookies with in them and then restarting your browser.

If you use Linux and there is still a problem then try adding a question mark to the end of the URL like this:-
and see if that helps.


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Same thing is happening to me with Firefox, Dreamhost fixed the problem a while ago, then the last FF update that came in caused the problem to start up again for me. I can only guess whatever work around Dreamhost did to fix the problem the first time round is no longer working thanks to a change in FF.

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