Index and then the main page?

Hi, I have a question.

On they have a splash page if you exclude “index.php” from the url.
When using index.php, they have a templated system and everything.
May someone please tell me how I can use my splash page by using my domain name and the main templated CMS site with index.php?

Thank you.

The easiest way to accomplish this would be to have your splahs page at index. and set your CMS to publish to main.php or what ever.


One way to achieve this would be to create your splash page using index.html in the root directory of your domain, this should take precedence over the index.php used by the CMS.

Browsing to would show the splash page, while browsing to would show the CMS.


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I don’t know what sort of cms you are using but I’d assume it lets you set whichever node/page/whateveryourcmscallsit to a certain one. It’s just a matter off putting your splash page into the setting to be the first thing someone sees and have navigation on it to the ‘meat’ of your site. Now I have not tried this with a page that’s outside of my cms but it should work…the cms that I use has a module for splash pages specifically so I don’t know how the other brands deal with it.

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