I use Incredimail as my default e-mail client. I really love it but I can’t seem to get my website e-mail to work with it. I have e-mailed tech support but they haven’t figured it out yet either. The person who replied to me had never even heard of Incredimail.
Do any of you use it and could you tell me step by step how to set up my dreamhost e-mail on it?

Call me an email purist, but isn’t that overkill? I’d never heard of Incredimail before now, either, but I just watched the Flash demo on their site and it seems like a bit much to me. In fact, the software seems like it’s trying to do for email what Flash has done for the Web.

I say leave Flash to the Web. Email should be simple. It should be text. It should be the most basic means of Internet communication. That’s why I use Pine, which is an incredibly powerful email tool.

I know I didn’t answer your question, but just thought I’d add my two cents. :slight_smile:


I was holding my tongue (from making a comment similar to Gabe’s)… in any event, if you could point us to some documentation on configuring this mail client and / or screenshots of the preferences / configuration windows, we could try to help you out.

I downloaded it to take a look, and was thoroughly repulsed by it. I mean yuck.

But configuring it is no different than configuring any other email client. You tell it the email address you want it to use for the “from:” line (, the name of the server it should get mail from (, the username and password (“deke” and “go_fish”) you use to log in to your POP3 mailbox with, and the name of the server you use to send mail with (

If you’re using Norton anti-virus, it seems to automatically know that, and configure itself to go through the NAV proxy ( instead of directly accessing your Dreamhost POP3 mailbox.

Did I mention yuck?

I love Incredimail. I’m a very… eccentric? Person and I like to be able to add my own flair to things. Incredimail lets me do that. It’s really alot of fun to use.

I finally got it thanks!! One of the support folks had me logging in with the alia instead of the m**** thing!! Geesh.

Yuck? Awww… I think Incredimail is alot of fun. It lets me put my own spin and taste into my -mails. I like that.

I can’t imagine wanting to have an entertaining mail client, but to each his/her own, I suppose.

As for me, I like text-only for both the simplicity, and the security of not having to worry about whatever hazardous waste is hidden in all the spam I get.

Yes, but those emails are also probably difficult for some people to read (if their mail client doesn’t support all the graphical stuff), and it will most likely annoy a lot of people too.

This is, of course, your call.

Personally, I feel that HTML and graphics should stay where they belong… far, far away from email. But what do I know; I think that console based mailers are fun, so perhaps we have a differing ideas of “fun”.

Yes. Don’t get me started on Will’s ideas of fun. :>

That said, to each their own. My biggest complaints about HTML email are:

  • It’s often hard to read, and some people have differing tastes (for example, I’ve gotten email with white text on a fuschia background).

  • It slows down loading times. As I get on the order of 200+ emails a day, I need all the speed I can get. I know I’m not typical, but…

  • Using HTML email opens up your computer to a lot of security and privacy risks (for example, malicious Javascript, web-bugs, etc).

  • Some people turn it off (such as myself), and often your message either comes across mangled or not at all. Then again, most people probably aren’t wet blankets like myself. :>

But, I’m not really against the idea of stylish email in concept, it’s just that the implementation is kind of poor. A superior way to handle it would be if you could store the stylized email (or maybe just a stylesheet of some kind) on a centralized server somewhere, and point to it through a custom header. For example:




There would need to be some sort of security, etc. etc. I don’t know. It seems to me that this would have been a better way to fit HTML email into a still largely text-only email world.

Just some thoughts…

So, the question is: Cornflake Girl, did you get it to work?

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  • Jeff @ DreamHost

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Yes, I did get it to work. Now I am picking brains (or trying to) in another thread here about blocking specific IP’s from my site.
From what I have heard, people who can’t get html mail still get mine just fine. They just don’t see the graphics etc. They get a normal looking white e-mail. And as of yet, I haven’t heard of any security issues caused by using Incredimail and I have been using it for over a year now. Then again, I have a firewall and my virus program scans all incoming e-mails etc…
I have alot of fun with it and I enjoy getting to create my own letter styles and in using styles that have been created by others. It lets me add alot of individuality to my e-mails. But then again, I don’t receive or send even close to 200 a day!!

I haven’t seen this Incredimail program, but from some of the comments here, it looks like its authors might have actually succeeded in creating a mail program worse than MS Outhouse, if such a thing is actually possible. (But it probably still doesn’t suck as much as AOL’s mail program; that wouldn’t be humanly possible.)

Myself, I use Pegasus Mail, configured to always show the plain version of any multipart-alternative “plain or fancy” message. That probably means that I’d see any Incredimail-generated messages as a perfectly ordinary plain text message (assuming that it does a halfway-decent job of sending correctly-done plain text, which is never all that great an assumption to make about any software these days, but…), with a lot of wasted bandwidth and disk space for the fancy stuff I don’t see anyway.

– Dan