Incredibly slow website. What more can I do?



Hi there happy dreamhost users and staff. Could someone help me on this subject?

My main site (and also another one is extremely slow. Everybody complains about it and Googles no exception. Slow, slow, slow… I even deactivated Jettpack but nothing. It keeps on running slow.

Although with some knowledge on these “interwebs” stuff, I don’t have enough technical skills to address Dreamhost with the right questions about this subject, so, can anyone help me in here? What should I ask for so that my beloved website can again, shine on the Dreamhost galaxy?

Thank you all.

note: Does the fact that webservices server is Colossus in Los Angeles and the SQL is on iolaus:zutter in Virginia as something to do with it?


Yes. Open a ticket and ask for one to be migrated to the same datacenter as the other.


Ok LakeRat, thank you very much. Just opened a ticket now. Let’s wait for a reply.