Incredibly slow sites

but not in the USA, all my Dreamhost - hosted sites are sllllooooooowwww as molasses for my friend in Italy.
I just spoke with him and he was complaining about it.
He says everything else is very fast EXCEPT for the two sites of mine that he visits. Because they are so slow, he does not go to them any more.
He says that 2 years ago they were fine but over the last 2 years they got slower and slower.
All my web pages are actually optimized for dialup users so they are not loaded with cruft or external calls from other ad sites or something.
They are pretty zippy. But I can’t explain why they load so slow for him when everything else (so he says) loads super fast.

More tubes to go through? (or less tubes?)
More overall internet traffic in the last few years so those outside USA suffer because of a lack of transcontinental bandwidth?

I would ask him to PING the sites or maybe do a Traceroute, but he does not know how to do that, he just clicks things and I use a Mac and he uses some Windows thing.

Traceroute. Yes, I know you said that. That’s the only way to see what the hangup is. There are international users in the forums that might give it a try if you actually provided the URL for your site.

By the way, the Mediterranean trunks are in the habit of getting cut by anchors. It seems to happen about 4 times per year. I think there was a recent double-cut like a year or so ago that really brings things to a crawl for some parts of the world.


thanks, I figured it had something to do with trunklines or something.

the url is:

if anyone in ITALY can traceroute it to see where it is buggered, that would be great.