Increase PHP file size limitation beyond 7M

Drupal (and Dreamhost?) has a default 7Meg limit on file uploads. Which means that I’ve very quickly filled up the limit and cannot link any more files to webpages and posts!!! It looks pretty complicated to change the code in a bunch of places (I’m NOT a code kind of guy) in order to raise the limit. Is there an easier way? I would really like to upload and link resources for people looking for help on our website.

sXi has a handy script to help with raising the PHP limit:


Thanks much. Very sweet script - once installed into the correct directory. If I read the details correctly, it increased my limit to 20M. Can I change it to higher?


You should now have a php.ini file in your directory. Edit that one and find the post_max and upload_max to what you want, but I wouldn’t go too crazy with it, like more than 100M. Not that they’ll give you the boot, but it does begin to tax resources.


I added the post_max andthe upload_max and increased it to 1000M and 100M respectively.

Then i uploaded the php.ini file back onto my site with the new settings in there, but i think there’s another step after that to get it change the settings. run that php.ini file somehow so it changes the 20M to what I have it set at.