Incorrectly spelled domain

Has anyone dealt with DH concerning correcting a misspelled domain?
I simply misspelled a domain name and went ahead and paid for 1 yr. ($119) through DH.
I’ve asked them to simply correct the misspelling so I can use the name and hosting site properly.
I’ve spoken with many other webhosting/registrars. They all offer a 3 -7 day grace period to correct similar problem.
What is DH major problem?
Suggestions before I cancel payment and make a big mess about it?

You’re not out the $119, just the $9.95 for the domain registration. Anybody who offers a grace period loses money each time they let someone correct the problem, as they pay ICANN for the registration. Who are these registrars with this grace period?

You don’t have a leg to stand on regarding canceling payment. They provided exactly what you requested. Just register the correctly spelled domain (here, or some other registrar) and use your Hosting account here to host that domain.