Inconsistency when connecting to IMAP email IMAP in Pegasus

I’m in the process of moving to PC and heard great things about Pegasus for email. I’m trying to set up an IMAP account, but have a weird error I can’t fix and don’t understand.

I can send email with no problem, and I can receive emails when I boot up the program with no issues, however as soon as I try to manually check my email or Pegasus automatically tries, I get the following error:
The IMAP server that manages this mailbox or folder has reported an error during the operation you have attempted to perform.
The operation cannot be completed.

Has anyone else had an error like this and know where I should start looking to troubleshoot it? I’m having trouble because you’d think if my settings were wrong or it had to do with a firewall, I wouldn’t be able to connect at all?

Any pointers are appreciated!!

Wow Pegasus Mail is still around :slight_smile: I haven’t heard of that since Windows ME hit the shelves. I’m not familiar with using it and I don’t know how popular it is among forum readers. To debug the issue, I’d suggest you to connect first with another email client first to make sure that you’re using the right settings. Try Thundebird, another oldie but well supported by a large community. If Thundebird works, then try again on Pegasus using the same settings: if Pegasus still doesn’t work, I’d ask myself if it’s worth spending more time to understand why or just use Thunderbird :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

It looks like the “official” distribution of Pegasus mail hasn’t had an update in 16 months. I’d call the project dead.

also you didn’t say, are you using this with Dreamhost mail, meaning is the IMAP connection to a Dreamhost server?