Incomprehensible difficulty in closing hosting plan

I’ve been trying to close my hosting plan and am having trouble getting my mind around what seems to be happening. When I go to “close account/end all hosting” it says:

[quote]Your Current Account Balance: $0

However, if you close your account you will get a credit of $0.40 for unused services you’ve already been billed for.
You will have to pay for your free domain registration if you cancel your hosting account now though, meaning there will be a charge of $11.95 added to your account.

You are not within our 97 day money back guarantee (it has been 3911 days since 2004-05-13)!

To end your hosting now, you must submit an additional $11.55 to pay off your account.

We’re sorry, but because you will owe $11.55 after closing your account, we must ask you to first go make a payment for that amount.

After you have, you may return here to complete closing your account.[/quote]

Frankly, this seems crazy. Can some kind person explain? Thanks.

P.S. just to confirm, I don’t currently owe them anything. When I go to “Manage Account” it says:

When you stop a hosting plan, they credit the unused days in the plan, that is where the 40 cents is coming from. Apparently you also have a domain set to auto-renew that also renews the same date.

Hi, I’m not sure which date you mean, but none of my domains are set to auto-renew, so that doesn’t seem to be the explanation.

I bet asking the folks who sent you the email might clear things up.

When you signed up for your hosting plan, the price included a free domain registration. When you cancel, you have to pay to keep the domain.

Well I’ve finally got some clear information and here it is.

To begin at the beginning, I originally sent in a support ticket (before starting this thread) as follows:

[quote]Hello Dreamhost Support. I would like my hosting plan to terminate when the current subscription runs out. So, I tried to edit the plan settings so that it does not auto-renew. However, there does not appear to be an option to switch off auto-renew.

Please could you ensure that my hosting plan terminates when the subscription runs out and you do not re-bill me.


By the way, no complaints! I hope to remain as a Dreamhost customer (of your registration services, for example). I just want to stop the hosting plan.[/quote]

The answer came back that there is no way I can switch off auto-renew, and I must cancel the service in the panel on the date I wish the service to stop. So then I tried that, with the result described in the opening post of this thread. At bobocat’s suggestion I then sent in another support ticket, but the reply was unclear. So I then sent in a third support ticket, as follows:

[quote]Thanks for your reply, but I still don’t understand how best to proceed. Basically, my question is: given that I don’t owe Dreamhost anything, how do I simply close my account, or let it run out, without thereby incurring a charge?

Much appreciating your help.[/quote]

and finally a clear reply has arrived:

[quote]I see that your Happy Hosting plan will autorenew on 1/31/2015. You can
wait until that day to cancel your account and you should not be charged
for the domain. You can then cancel in the panel under Billing and
Account > Manage account.

Let us know if you have any more questions.[/quote]

So Dreamhost allows one day on which I can cancel my hosting plan without penalty. If I forget on that day, or if I don’t have internet access on that day, then they will re-bill me for a year of hosting, which of course I will refuse to pay. (I have already deleted all my hosted domains and linux users). Then presumably my account will go into delinquency and at some point my panel access will be blocked, and I will no longer be able to manage my registrations. (As a precaution, I have already transferred all my registrations away from Dreamhost).

Is this really the way it has to be? I think it’s crazy.

It wouldn’t surprise me. My organizations have all been without email services for days. I’ve begun the dreaded task of migrating all services to other providers.

Now all sorted out. On Jan 25th I tried to close my hosting plan, or at least let it expire naturally, keeping open the domain registration parts of the panel. I thought it would be easy.

Today, after 8 messages from me to DH Support and 8 replies from Support to me, and two overrides to the programmed procedure, the job is done.

Everyone involved has been helpful, thanks. I appreciate the Support person who at one point remarked “Well hell! This should have worked…”

Hello, i think i have similar problem like you, my domain age is 25 days and now i want to delete my domain as well as hosting plan, which will renew on 28-feb-15, but i dont want it to renew, I tried to delete hosting account but it says I dont owe any thing but i have to pay 10$ :confused: i dont know why is this, please tell me how did you get rid of this problem, if you had exactly same probable, I would really appreciate your suggestions plz…

Yes your problem is basically the same. By the way, you cannot “delete” a domain registration. It is yours for a year; the only change you can make in that regard is to sell (or give) it to someone else.

About your hosting plan: here is the way things seem to work at present. (To keep this post short, I’ll ignore the situation where someone is within their first 3 months and has a money-back offer, which is a slightly different ball-park.)

If someone closes a hosting plan, they get an amount credited to their account based on the unused time remaining in the plan, minus the cost of any domain registration (typically $11.95) which they had registered for free as part of the plan.

The system breaks down when someone tries to close a nearly expired hosting plan, if the credit based on unused time in the plan is less than the cost of a registration which needs to be deducted.

What ought to happen then (imo) is that the system should close the hosting plan and give back zero credit. Or, better, it should allow the account holder to switch off auto-renew on the plan and then they can just leave it.

What actually happens is that the system does not allow to switch off auto-renew, and at the same time it refuses to close the plan unless the account holder makes an extra payment. Which is absurd.

Earlier in this thread, DH support suggested a workaround which turned out not to work until they fixed things manually.

I got the same problem of closing hosting account but it’s on the same day of the billing cycle

Account Started On: 2015-01-31
This Billing Cycle: 2015-12-31 thru 2016-01-30

It still seems crazy. If you pre-pay for one year (for example) of hosting, and take out a free registration early in the year, while there is still plenty of credit in your account to cover it, then at the end of the year you can cancel the account and walk away with no hard feelings on either side (and keep the domain of course).

But if you delay taking out the free registration until the last month of the hosting period, and then at the end of the year cancel the account, Dreamhost thinks you owe them a pro rata balance for the registration (in my case, $11.55).

I think it is a bug in DH software.

On related point, mentioned earlier in this thread, is it yet possible to open a hosting account without auto-renew?