Incoming email security

thank you for your info.

i’m clearly not a veteran of the net on the server sides:-),
but i was actually interested in ssl for incoming mail-- that is pop or imap over ssl. imaps, etc… do they have some sort of wrapper system that provides this even if i don’t have my own certificate? otherwise, is there a secure way of checking mail [beside webmail] without sending my password in cleartext over the net…

there I am with a username:-)
To provide more elements for you to be able to help, for example, my current email host doesn’t allow access through port 995 (ssl for email, handled at the client level), but only 110, hence the question arised
thank you!

You can use POP3/IMAP over SSL without your own certificate. Their mail certificate is for the host Your mail client should prompt you to accept it, at which point it will work fine.

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