Incoming email DEAD


Look like a serious email outage.

Nothing at all on the status page.

Since last night - 21:05 Pacific time - nothing has come into any of my email accounts’ Maildir.

Picking up whatever email is alreasy there doesn’t work either. Once you authenticate successfully using POP or IMAP (or even Webmail) - the connection is dropped. (Webmail gives an IMAP server disconnect error).

I tried reporting this as a system wide issue last night - but dreamhost kept closing and saying it wasn’t a system wide issue.

I opened a ticked - received a note at 3:00 am Pacific Time that the “email update script was borked”.

I don’t expect perfection. In fact my tolerance for anomolies is high given the outstanding pricing that dreamhost has.

I’m a fairly new user (2.5 months) - so I would really appreciate an honest assessment of whether or not dreamhost is realiable enough to continue with?.




I’ve been a DH customer for a few years and I work with other web hosting providers for my clients. DH by far has the most outages and issues with their systems compared to the other companies (Lunarpages, et al). I really like the control panel for managing multiple sites but their reliability really sucks. I can count on there being some sort of outage that I have to explain to my customers at least once a month.


Some good news.

Incoming email is coming into my Maildir directory.

Something is still seriously wrong with authentication though - as any POP or IMAP clients that try are actually ‘read’ the email are disconnected right after they (successfully) authenticate.

I really hope DH is working on this.