Including (SSI) .php in shtml

Hi All,

I have recently been putting together a basic site in which I made use of SSI’s for a header and menu. The menu makes use of php/javascript to allow for collapsable items. This was all working well, until I moved my site over to the dreamhost servers yesterday and now I only get a blank page when visiting my main page.

I have checked throughout the forums and haven’t been able to find a solution to this problem. I have attempted using both virtual and file includes and neither of them work.

Has anyone been able to make use of or <!-- include virtual=“somefile.php”> specifically with a .php file?

I can access the menu.php directly, but any page that includes it fails to show up.

Is this a known issue with Dreamhost?

The last host this worked on, was using the apache php module, could the cgi executed php be the problem?

It might be worth mentioning, that it works fine if I take out the with the php extension, or I change it to reference a normal html page.

I hope this all makes sense.

Many Thanks in advance.

One option here is to turn the shtml file into a php file then include the other php file in it with “require(foobar.php)”

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