Include uber upload in template page



Okay I am trying to figure out how to include the uber upload in a template page for my site.

What would be the best way to do this?


What is the url to your site? When you say “template”, are you using a CMS, forum, or some other common application or custom code (like a DreamWeaver template)?

Given the difficulty you had in getting uber-uploader set up in the first place, this might be a time to consider just sticking it in an iframe on your page. That is by far the easiest approach to take, and it’s not lilke you should care whether the search engines index it anyway. :wink:



Yes I am using Dreamweaver and I have a template setup with css and divisions with one div as the body that is editable in the middle of the page.
(Template for my pages that include the header and footer.)

Using an iframe was my first thought also I put an iframe in the editable division but I cant get the UBR_file_upload.php to show in the iframe.


Well, that sounds as though it’s just not properly linked, or possibly that the default CSS styling of the uber-uploader is creating a problem.

I couldn’t tell without inspecting your code. I’ve asked repeately in these threads: What is the url to your site?



Ok, I found the “upload page”, is that the page where you have tried to add the uberuploader form? your photos.html

There is no “action” set for your form at all, and this is not an instance of “embedded” uber-uploader - it’s just a form.

have you added additional field, and processing code, to uber-uploader, or are you trying to collect some information via this other form, and then pass that to uber-uploader?



No that is an old page that I haven’t removed.
I am going to replace it with a new page & uber uploader.


Ah … well … I have no way to see what you might be having trouble with regarding puting uber-uploader in the iframe unless I see what you are trying to do, which is why asked to see the site.

If you want me to look at it for you, provide a link where I can see what you are attempting, even if it is broken. That way I, and others who might be interested in helping, might be able to spot the problem. :wink:



Okay - I went to writing the code instead of using the desighn mode in Dreamweaver and I have gotten it to work.

I will post back when I get the new page up.


Good deal! Yeah, I find DreamWeaver to be more trouble than it is worth when working with code, though some people like it! :wink:

I’m glad you got it working!



Okay I got the new upload page up and all the fields I wanted included.
It is working great. All the fields are working.
The upload directory is outside of my web directory so it is not publicly accessible.
I am getting emails showing the fields filled in and the files uploaded.

Thanks for everyones help in getting this far.

Now I have a couple of more questions.

  1. Should I place my temp file outside of my web directory also to keep it from being publicly accessible, or does it matter ?

  2. When one of my fields is not filled in it sends an error.
    Is there a way to stop it from showing the error?
    The fields work like there supposed to, it just gives an error if there is nothing filled in to the field.

  3. Can I add another value to the line of code below like this.
    value=“No I Dont Agree” unchecked="unchecked"
    for when the check box is unchecked. Will that work or do I have to do it diffrently ?


  1. Is this how I would add a automatic email response to the the uploader that there upload was succesful ?

****Enable the ‘redirect_after_upload’ config setting and all your post values will be in the $_POST_DATA array after line 85 in the ‘uu_finished.php’ file. eg.


Then, you could simply append it to the other email address from the config file. eg.

$_CONFIG_DATA[‘to_email_address’] .= “,” . $_POST_DATA[‘posted_email_address’]; ******