Inbound SMTP Horribly Slow

I created a ticket for this (#518135) but have to think this problem is more widespread. I have started seeing extremely slow inbound mail delivery times starting late last week with horrible response times today.

As an example, I sent a test mail from Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail to, which is a POP3 mailbox on DreamHost. As of 90 minutes and counting it has not delivered.

When I lookup the MX records for my domain I get:

Doing a TELNET to port 25 on these results in slow or timed out connections.

My outbound mail is fine. I.e. the SMTP servers that points to are OK.

It looks like that machine is just way overloaded.

I’m going to look into this as soon as possible.

You’re not alone. I’m continuing to have problems late this afternoon.