Inbound mail getting bounced with 'Host not found type=AAAA'

We have an issue with folks trying to send mail to us, but their mail is getting bounced with the error: “ Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=domain.not.configured type=AAAA: Host not found”. We have dns hosted at, web hosted with dreampress, and mail with google apps. All the MX records etc are correctly setup and work for most incoming mail.

I contacted Dreamhost support, and they say they don’t have IPv6 IPs on the shared dreampress servers, so I can’t set up an AAAA record for our naked domain

I’m a bit lost as to what to try next. Why doesn’t the sending server fallback to IPv4 like everyone else?

Any pointers would be appreciated. I’ve contacted support at Dreamhost, Transip, Google, and Dnsimple, but so far I’m just getting passed around. Really hope I don’t have to migrate to a new hosting provider just to get an IPv6 address…


I don’t want to sound like I’m jumping to blaming the “other guy”, but I’m pretty sure there’s something not right about the mail server that’s trying to send you mail. In particular, the mention of “name=domain.not.configured” in the error message makes me really suspicious that something might be set up wrong on their end.

Requiring IPv6 to be set up on a domain to send it email would be extremely surprising for two reasons:

  1. The remote mail server is communicating with your domain’s mail servers (that is, Google Apps), not with your web server. They shouldn’t care whether your web server has an IPv6 address or not.

  2. The vast majority of domains don’t have IPv6 addresses for either their web or email servers. If their mail server required this for some bizarre reason, they’d be unable to email almost anyone.

Thanks. Transip (the mail provider) says their system does look for an AAAA record and then an A record, but they don’t know what is giving them the hostname ‘domain.not.configured’. So they blamed DNSimple. I switched our DNS over to Route 53, so if it fails again I’ll go back to them with more ammo. Nothing more Dreamhost can do, and an AAAA record isn’t required. I still suspect Transip is the root cause here.