Inbound email vanishing

I have contacted support, hours ago, with no response. I even agreed to the fee based phone support.

Sometime in the night (maybe 10 or 11 hours ago) all of my domains stopped receiving email. The sender gets no error, I get no error when trying to check, webmail works with no errors but sees no email.

I can send email fine. My websites seem fine. My account is up to date. No other errors or indications of any problem.


I am seeing the same thing. I’ve opened a ticket, but haven’t heard anything yet.

Senders to my domain do get an NDR message.

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
Remote host said: 554 Relay access denied [RCPT_TO]

— Below this line is a copy of the message.

Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 08 Oct 2008 18:29:02 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 08 Oct 2008 18:29:09 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 08 Oct 2008 18:29:09 -0000
X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-3
Received: (qmail 55564 invoked by uid 60001); 8 Oct 2008 18:29:09 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
X-YMail-OSG: eBj4zEkVM1n2KhyXXrVENYufnnF1F52V2ttJbrAeOUAQPNAeyCfc4hoM2HGLhW0EYvoQgSPJzZ78efmJc1BZKEsRWBVrE5kUeC2t4TDamFWZvfxqCkaGebczmnTg1Q0bUdty4xr1VrDd99KCYsOdcU3HZoI-
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 08 Oct 2008 11:29:09 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailWebService/
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 11:29:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: k payne
Subject: test
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Yes I have learned the my senders are getting that bounce message now. I don’t think they were earlier, but I might be wrong.

I am FURIOUS that they have let something this important be broken for this long and have not even responded.

This is UNACCEPTABLE service.

Try it now. Mine appears to be working as of about 10 minutes ago. Still no explaination or contact from support though.

I’ve had the same issue off and on since our new Dreamhost-ed site went live this past Sunday. I as well requested support with no response. Nothing has magically started working for me though. Any response or idea what did or didn’t happen?

Well, it seems to have been either fixed, or the problem is coming and going. Who knows. In the total absence of input from dreamhost, all we can do is guess.

But I have apparently completely lost about 14 hours worth of email to ALL of my domains, some of which bounced and some which simply disappeared.

I cannot get my mind around how big a deal this is, and how much trouble it will be to try to move everything to a more business-ready and professional hosting company.

Still no word from support.

OMG, 12 hours after I reported this highest possible urgency problem, I finally get my first response from Dreamhost, and it is lame and incompetent:

At 09:58 PM 10/8/2008, DreamHost Customer Support Team wrote:

[quote]I’ve been running multiple tests to various mail accounts >and can verify that you’re receiving messages, so I am >not too positive why you would be having issues.


Yes. The problem began about 1AM, and ended about 2PM (central). I reported the problem about 10AM, and didn’t hear back from dreamhost until 10PM.

Pretty lousy service.


With no way for me to even know what I missed, so I can’t contact my customers about the outage.

And I am not the only person that suffered the symptom. See

[quote]Have you made any recent changes to your mail clients?


No. The problem appeared early in the morning, and disappeared early in the afternoon. I made no relevant changes before during or after.

[quote]Have you been trying to connect to the accounts through >webmail?


Yes. Also popmail.

[quote]Are there any error messages that you have received, or >any senders to you receive any?


I received no error messages when checking either through webmail or popmail. Regardless of how I checked, all the mailboxes were simply empty. No errors.

I sent many test messages to accounts in my domains while the outage was underway. Early on, they did not bounce. Sometime around noon (central time) they started bouncing with a

“Remote host said: 554 <[recipient address]>: Relay access denied [RCPT_TO]”


Then an hour or so later the problem vanished.

[quote]Without any issues showing on our end, it may be a bit >tough to help pinpoint the issue, though it would be of >great assistance if you could provide me with the >information requested above.


Regardless of what the problem was, or whether there is any way you can nail it down, I would like an explanation for the delay in response to my submission of the issue to Dreamhost support. It is simply unacceptable.

I know there is a DNS issue now, but it doesn’t help that I still have not heard anything back from Dreamhost. It’s been over 18 hours on the ticket so I created another one… Sure it’s redundant and I’ll continue to create a new one every 12 hours until I get some support or I find a new hosting company. REDICULOUS!!!

Update: hey I finally had a response after I created another ticket. I’m not advocating that approach but I was desperate!
I’ll post the results for anyone else’s piece of mind and money.

Our situation was simply for web hosting. We moved our A Record to point to the new web server. (Which by the way, I’d confirm the IP with Dreamhost before you proceed as it may not be what is shown in your panel).
Mail was suddenly being returned to the senders with Relay Denied. Apparently I needed an MX Record put in for custom DNS for this site even though Dreamhost is not the registrar or NS for my domain. Of course it all makes perfect sense in hindsight and I actually had the fix in place for many hours with a pending question in a support ticket. I didn’t receive any feedback and removed the fix out of doubt. My fault? Yes, of course but with some support my panic button would have been much smaller…

Thanks for being transparent in regard to your issue and taking the time to come back to post about it. It’s always nice to know there are still players like you on the field. If there was a “give a month free” vote in Panel I’d be voting for you.

Good job mate :wink:

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